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Alumni Students


Saravanan Manikandan

Master Alumini

Hey, I am Saravanan Manikandan,

   I am doing research on GaN semiconductors for pursuing Master of Science in Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering in Asia University, Taiwan. I earned my diploma in Computer Engineering from DOTE in 2007 and received my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Anna University, India in 2013. After earning my degree in Computer Science, I worked as a software engineer in India. I am interested in Networks security, Embedded system design and Software and hardware co-design and Semiconductors.  

Atluri Hemanth

Master Alumni

Hi, I am Atluri Hemanth Pursuing PhD at National Chung Hsing University in the stream of Electrical Engineering. I was born in Andhra Pradesh, India, in 1997. I received B.E degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from MITS, Madanapalle, India in 2018. I Received Maters degree in department of Computational Microelectronics at Asia University, Taiwan. My research focus on the compound semiconductors device, reliability issues and high voltage applications of semiconductors. My previous projects are with Nuvoton Technology Corporation ( 新唐科技股份有限公司)  Field-Plate Optimization of AlGaN/GaN HEMTs,  GaN HEMT Device Calibration by Physical TCAD and LDMOS 1200V WITH linear P-Top Technology. Currently working with TSMC -Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (臺灣積體電路製造公司) Optimal Permutation of Power Transmission Line at High Technology Nano-Fab to Decrease Electromagnetic Influence.


Bandi Lavanya

Master Alumni

Hey, I’m Lavanya Bandi. I’m working as a R&D  Engineer (Power Division) in  Wistron Corporation. I received my Master’s degree in CSIE and major in Semiconductors at Asia Ubiversity. To study semiconductors in Asia University, the main skill set need to have is “device physics” and “simulation skills”. We use TCAD simulation software such as Sentaurus, T supreme, Medici, and COMSOL to simulate and process the microelectronic semiconductor devices. We work on CMOS, LDMOS, GaN/AlGaN/GaN MISHEMT and Normally off device. Currently I’m working on Ultrasonic Atomization Using MHz Silicon-Based Multiple-Fourier Horn Nozzles using COMSOL software


Chennayyagari Jhansi Lakshmi

Master Alumini

Hai, I am Jhansi Lakshmi Chennayyagari working on Wafer Inspection Station as an Electronic Engineer in Technology Bridge Corporation Limited. I have received my masters degree from the department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, major in Semiconductors. The motivation behind my study in semiconductors is the understanding of the microscopic properties and how conductors interact and conduct electricity. In semiconductors, GaN is a wide bandgap material which has the ability to conduct electrons more than 1,000 times more efficiently than silicon. Besides LEDs, GaN can be used in the production of semiconductor power devices as well as RF components. During my masters study I have foused on Diode, CMOS, GaN/AlGaN/GaN HEMT, MIS-HEMT, GaN Isolation device, and GaN Normally off devices using several TCAD simulation tools like Synopsys Sentaurus, Tsuprem4, Medici, and Taurus Visual.

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