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Why Asia University?

  • Asia University (AU) is a Visionary, Pioneering and fast-growing school, founded with the goal of establishment a remarkable and comprehensive university that is internationally competitive.

  • In terms of academic teaching, AU offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs.

  • Currently there are 6 colleges, 28 departments, 20 master programs, and 6 doctoral programs. The colleges are classified as College of Information and Electrical Engineering (IEET), College of Management (AACSB), College of Humanities and social Sciences, College of Creative Design, College of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and College of Medical and Health Science.

  • In the past 16 years, AU has demonstrated excellence in academic performance and was ranked as the first in many higher education evaluations conducted by the MOE.

Why Analog CMOS and GaN lab?

  • Analog CMOS and GaN laboratory work is unique which consistently displays and graphically depicts CMOS transistor manufacturing processes: from the preparation of the silicon wafer to the final passivation.

  • Sentaurus, Tsuprem4 and Medici TCAD tools are used to simulate these technological processes.

  • This type of laboratory work provides students with the necessary knowledge of chip manufacturing processes and TCAD tools without the use of costly manufacturing equipment specific to each technological process in the fabrication chain, long-term experiments, and a large number of human resources.

  •  ACG(Analog CMOS and GaN) lab acts as a bridge between the Experimental world and theoretical world by using the TCAD(Technology Computer Aided Design) simulation tools (Tsuprem4, Sentaurus, etc.) for device design, modeling, and to analyze the transfer characteristics which are dependent on several device design parameters which can be optimized.

  • Our students gain rare hands-on work experience through utilizing the Department’s virtual fabrication capabilities and collaborating with leading high-tech companies, including TSMC, Vanguard, and Nuvoton. Additionally, we work with our industry partners to ensure all the students in our program secure summer internships at leading international electronics companies.

  • The competitive advantages of Asia University ACG lab are as follows:

  • 15 years of industrial partnership on joint development of  innovative ultra-high voltage, intelligent power device designs with patents

  • 4 years of high voltage GaN D mode and E mode device design and simulations with TSMC and Nuovaton with patent and papers

  • We have several, high-performance IBM servers and 6 Sentaurus licenses

  • The ACG lab has trained more than 70 international students from Indonesia, India, and Canada

  • A short video on this lab is covered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Mission: To develop ideas that will transform 21st century semiconductor device problems into opportunities to create value for Taiwan IC and device integration.

Vision: To develop students innovative thinking, independent research, and problem-solving skills.

Activities: We have several industrial partners who offer their problems on the power devices, analog, device design and simulations.

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