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  • High Voltage Gan Transistor and Manufacturing Method (No. I729600 Taiwan ROC, 2021.06.01- 2038.11.26)

  • Patent publication for 25V High Side fully Isolated Device NLDMOS, Taiwan

  •  US patent for UHV 700v-800v JFET Drain innovated device structure combined with the control gate.(In process)

  • Taiwan patent for UIS performance Improvement of Power MOSFET transistor structure by Drain engineering and Implantation method.

  •  Patent application (2017)for High Voltage JFET device design –Gene Sheu,黃明哲

  •  A novel passivation structure for HTRB reliability ,Adhi,Gene Sheu,Monika and Pooja.. 2017 for Taiwan,USA and China patent applications ,filed by Nuvoton Taian. Electromagnetic Wave Degauss Device and Degauss Method Thereof. (No. I460737, Taiwan ROC, 2014.11.11- 2032.03.13)

  • Design Structure of Adapter for Degauss EMI Noise. (No. M486876, Taiwan ROC, 2014.09.21- 2023.09.12)

  • Zooming Structure of Wire Magnetic Field. (No. M475682, Taiwan ROC, 2014.04.01- 2023.11.13)

  • Self-Inductance Magnetic Loss Structure. (No. M471664, Taiwan ROC, 2014.02.01- 2023.11.13)

  • Sandwich-Structured Passive Magnetic Loss Structure. (No. I552673, Taiwan ROC, 2016.10.01- 2033.11.24)

  • Permutation Method of High-Load Electric Cable. (No. I543203, Taiwan ROC, 2016.07.01- 2034.07.01)

  • Setup Mode of High-Load Electric Cable. (No. I543204, Taiwan ROC, 2016.07.01- 2034.07.01)

  • Adapter Plate of High-Load Electric Cable (No. M487554, Taiwan ROC, 2014.10.01- 2023.11.28)

Books and Special Papers

  • Study in the electron transport properties of alloy Sb-Te-Ag for low-temperature system (Master Thesis 1998/07)

  • Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis for Nanoparticles Synthesis and Silicon-Based MHz Ultrasonic Nozzles (Ph.D. Dissertation 2004/01)

  • Yu-Lin Song (2017/05/31). Ultrasonic Nozzles to Spray Pyrolysis for Nanoparticles Synthesis, Golden Light Academic Publishing. ISBN-13: 978-3-330-82373-0.

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